Create Spreadsheet

From Option Menu in Dashboard view, select New list to bring up new list window
  • Title: enter name of the spreadsheet
  • Type: select Spreadsheet type by clicking on the spreadsheet icon
  • Columns: click the button to setup spreadsheet columns
  • Category: assign the spreadsheet to a specific category from the drop down menu
  • Note: enter any additional information about the spreadsheet

The Save button will get enabled once the Title field is filled in. Click Save to create the spreadsheet or Cancel to clear the fields.

 Column Setup

Click the Columns button to set up the columns in New Spreadsheet / Edit Spreadsheet windows
The column setup window lists all the columns already being created for the spreadsheet

Press + icon to add new column to the spreadsheet
Press - icon to remove particular column from the spreadsheet

Press any row to select and edit a column, this will bring up Column Setup dialog window

 Fields in Column Setup dialog:
  • Name: name of the column
  • Type: there are 4 types of columns available
    • Text
    • Number (enables analytical summary features)
    • Date (date, time, or date & time formats; time and date & time formats are available for Pro version only)
    • Boolean (shown as a checkbox in spreadsheet)
  • Weight: indicates how much of the space in the spreadsheet will be allocated to the column
  • Alignment: aligns text in column at center, left or right. (left and right alignments are available for Pro version only)
  • Summary: choices of summary analytics (enabled only for number column type) - sum, average, count, minimum, maximum;
    • average, count, minimum and maximum functions are available for Pro version only

 Edit, Delete, Export & Share Spreadsheet

Long click the spreadsheet in dashboard view to bring up the Spreadsheet context menu

List Options:
  • Edit list: edit the spreadsheet fields
  • Share list via email: email the spreadsheet as ListWizard format (can be opened by ListWizard app) or HTML format (Pro version only)
  • Export list to SD card: export the spreadsheet to SD card; the file will be stored under directory [SDCARD_ROOT]/listwizard/ with the same file name as the spreadsheet title
  • Delete list: delete selected spreadsheet

Spreadsheet View

Click or touch a spreadsheet in dashboard to bring up Spreadsheet detail view


There are two modes in spreadsheet detail view: View Mode and Edit Mode
In View mode, user can only view the spreadsheet
In Edit mode, user can add / edit / delete items and perform other operations

You can toggle between View Mode and Edit mode by clicking the Spreadsheet icon or from Option menu by pressing the phone Menu key

Context menu
contains most of the operations in Spreadsheet view
 Title Item
  •  Add item: add a row at the end of the spreadsheet
  • Insert item: insert an row under the selected item
  • Move up: move the row up one level
  • Move down: move the row down one level
  • Delete item: delete the row from the spreadsheet

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