Dashboard is a default view for ListWizard. It is contains a summary of all lists created by user.


The default dashboard view will organize all the lists by list type.

  Category Selection
To select a particular category of the lists to view click the Category Selection icon (the down arrow icon).
Click the category you want to filter in the drop down menu.

Tip: List categories can be customized, please refer to Category Customization tutorial for additional information.

  Sort List

To sort lists in the dashboard view long click the sort icon to bring up sort context menu.
Currently there are two options available:
  • Sort by type
  • Sort by icon

  Option Menu
Option menu can be selected from dashboard view by pressing your phone's Menu key

  • New list: brings up New list window
  • Import list: brings up Import list dialog
  • Settings: brings up Settings window

Support Team,
Nov 22, 2010, 1:47 PM